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On Saturday May 24th 2014, a 2nd Ladies Programme was conducted at Masjid ul Tauba, Lowlands, Tobago. The Seminar was conducted from 4:00 – 7:00pm.

Once again Aalimahs presented an interesting and informative session on topics that were geared to prepare the sisters for the upcoming blessed month of Ramadhan.

Topics included:

  • Virtues of Ramadhan
  • Laws pertaining to Fasting
  • I’tikaaf for Women
  • Zakaat and its Calculation

The overall remarks from the sisters in attendance showed that this venture was once again a successful one. 

We pray that Allah accepts this small effort.


On Saturday 2nd November, 2013, a Jamaat traveled to our sister Isle, Tobago to host a Dawah Seminar at the Masjid ul Tauba, Lowlands, Tobago. The Seminar was conducted from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

The brothers’ seminar enjoyed lectures presented by two Aalims, on topics that included

  • The Importance of Seerah in our Lives
  • Unity in Islam
  • The Role of the Masjid in Society

The sisters’ seminar was presented by three Aalimahs, lecturing on topics that included:

  • The Ideal Muslimah
  • A Time for Change
  • Cure for Depression
  • The Gift of Imaan

The programme culminated with the feature address after Maghrib by our beloved, Maulana Abdul Salam. Maulana’s discourse made mentioned of the demise of our Nabi (peace and blessings be on him) and reminded us about our eventual demise. It was an emotional and heart rendering discourse that captivated everyone’s attention and brought many to tears.

The Seminar concluded with the host’s closing remarks, pertaining to the success and ‘the overwhelming impact’ of the day’s seminar.


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Our present drive for propagating the religion of Islam is being concentrated primarily in the

Valencia Junction to Matlot area.

Three lots of prime property was acquired in Cumana, Toco with the intention of building a masjid.  A temporary base is to be established within the next few weeks on the site to serve as a Musallah (place of Prayer) and meeting for programs and activities.

Dawah has begun within the vicinity of this area since January 2014. From that time until end of February, 6 persons have accepted Islam and another 6 Muslims were discovered within the area who have not been practicing Islam. All have expressed excitement at the idea of a masjid soon to be constructed in the area.

UPDATE – September 2014

Periodic visits to the Cumana, Toco area were made over the last few months and community work along with Dawah efforts were conducted.

During these visits, food hampers and medecine were distributed to the needy families. The response thus far has been very positive and the word has clearly spread regarding the soon to be built masjid in the community.

There is an obvious desire in the locals for guidance and efforts shall continue to reach out to the members of this community.

We request your Duas and support in this noble venture.



Rashadi Foundation has taken Dawah to the streets of Port-of-Spain, particularly along the Brian Lara Promenade.

Brochures are distributed and discussions held as the members spread the word of the Oneness of Allah and of the religion of Islam to the public at large.

Thus far, we have been received with an open and generally interested crowd, curious to learn more about this religion of peace and unity.

This branch of the Dawah project is usually done on Sunday afternoons.



The Dawah has also reached the Hospital!


Visits have been also made to the Mt. Hope General Hospital where the Foundation members have called upon the ailing and extended to them the kindness of a pleasant and friendly social visit, whilst incorporating Dawah and enlightenment of Islam into this meeting.

This too has been warmly received and is also usually conducted on Sunday afternoons.


As we approach the Day of Judgement,


fallen short

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